Kinam Attar | Agar Aura


Extrait de Parfum

25 ml



Just as Agar Attar was an approximation of the ‘universal oud’ scent in the form of a readily wearable and easily accessible parfum, Kinam Attar is also an attempt at approximating a certain scent. Except this time its not just agarwood, its the finest agarwood… Kinam.

A fusion of juxtaposed species of oud oils with opposing scent profiles were carefully blended together to cancel out each others’ dominant geographical signature notes in order to resemble the perfectly balanced aroma of Kinam. Boasting three royal level Agar Aura oud oils and a hord of unreleased Special K oils, CrassnaMalaccensis, and Sinesis oud oils were utilized, together with a few other essential oils to act as bridges.

Real Kinam it may not be, but what you can definitely expect is skipping in circles with joy, because the scent that this Attar achieved is not only something you have dreamed of owning in an easily wearable perfume, but also something many would gladly pay far more for.

Note: This rendition of Kinam Attar was formulated to mimic the scent of heated Bruneian kinam wood (warm, milky-sweet, spicy). If this is well-received, we plan to formulate two more versions as well, Vietnamese and Cambodian kinam.
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